Tips for Transporting Your Electronics Overseas

IPodWhether you’ve spent a few thousand dollars on a new television, or you still use your vintage stereo from college, we know that your electronics mean a lot to you. If you’ve ever moved before, you know that accidents can always happen. Even when you work with an international moving company that offers, you never know when your items might arrive broken or damaged. That is why we compiled a list of tips for transporting electronics overseas.

Pack Boxes

Manufacturers often recommend that you save the boxes and packing materials when you buy new electronics. The Styrofoam containers and plastic bags inside can help keep those devices safe. These are the same supplies that the manufacturers use to protect electronics when shipping those devices long distances. If you no longer have those boxes, find or purchase boxes that are slighty larger than each device you have. Remove any wires or cables, wrap each device in a plastic bag or a piece of plastic and cover the plastic with a layer of bubble wrap. After placing the device in a box, fill in any gaps with packing peanuts.

Write Down Instructions

In addition to keeping your electronics safe, you also want to know that you can use those devices when you reach your final destination. Writing down instructions and drawing diagrams can help you use those devices right away. By the time you make your move and unpack a few boxes, you might forget how to insert specific wires, where different cables go and how to connect two or more devices. Make multiple copies of your diagrams and instructions, and place a copy in each box.

Label Each Box

International sea freight and international air freight lets you rent storage units and custom crates that will keep your valuables safe. Custom boxes are a good option when transporting electronics overseas. Whether you use crates or ordinary cardboard boxes, you need to label each box. Make a short list on the outside that tells you what is inside, and let your movers know that the boxes are fragile by writing that on the exterior. You can also add additional notes that let your movers know that these are the first boxes you want loaded or the last boxes you want loaded.

Transporting electronics to a foreign country is sometimes hard, but you can make the job a little easier with the right packing materials and supplies. At I Love Moving, our staff has years of experience packing and shipping many belongings ranging from heavy furniture to electronics. We use top-quality crates and are gentle when moving your valuables.

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