5 Steps to Finding a Job Abroad

Finding a job in America can be overwhelming, and finding a job overseas can be just as challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of websites, blogs and job recruiters who can give you great advice and offer resources. Jumping into a new career should be a fun experience, not a hassle.

1. Know What You Want

This may seem like a no-brainer but more often than not, people dive into a job search without proper planning. Figure out what country you want to visit, what type of job you want and, most importantly, can you afford it? Don’t set unrealistic expectations and goals you can’t attain. Know what you want, but be realistic.

2. Research Job Responsibilities

JobSearchA job as a computer programmer in Missouri could be completely different than in Italy. Make sure you research what the position entails and see if you can handle it. You could have several years training in IT work but the programs a company uses overseas could be absolutely different. Perhaps you had an amazing Skype interview and everything seemed perfect, but when you arrive the business doesn’t cut it. Research the company and check reviews to gain a clearer picture.

3. Learn About Banking and Taxes First

Since each country has a different set of banking and tax rules, a lot of foreign banks will turn away American clients due to U.S. reporting requirements. Many places have found Americans owing taxes equivalent to the income both in the U.S. and another nation.

4. Take Advantage of Social Media

To gain insight into a company, use Linkedin where you can view the staff, hiring manager and learn about the company. Follow the hiring manager on Twitter and make an impression. Get your name out there! Share relevant news and blogs to get noticed. Essentially, make them aware that you’re interested. Show the company that you are tech savvy and have an in-depth knowledge of relevant skills. When it’s time to hire, the manager will remember you.

5. Present a Unique Job Application

When a company has a job opening, dozens upon dozens of applications float into Human Resources. Create an application that demonstrates you possess the required skills and that you have something unique to offer. Demonstrate that you show leadership and take initiative. Never lie on your application. For instance, if you can’t speak a language, don’t claim that you can or you’ll be embarrassed later.

When searching for a job, take into consideration all aspects including money, paperwork, documents, etc. Look into websites that offer listings, travel plans and arrangements for your convenience. Most importantly, always keep an open mind.

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