I Love Moving is a notable international moving company to London, assisting families and individuals quickly arrive in London. Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured, delivering the best possible moving services. International Moving Company to London | Beautiful ferris wheel in LondonWe offer an array of services from air and sea freight to vehicle shipping.  I Love Moving has door-to- door service for international moves to London or anywhere else. Contact us today to learn about our free boxes, custom crates and 24/7 shipment tracking.

Why Should I Move to London?

Move to London with our international moving company to London so you can get a taste of the European lifestyle. London, the capital of the UK, is home to such famous landmarks know around the world like the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. If you are lucky enough to visit or move to London, you will no doubt be thrilled with what you will find. The education system is very good, and all citizens are guaranteed education by the government. North and South London are both very different from each other. The North is the most populated area and consists of many different villages. South London is a bit smaller in population but also more affordable, and features many parks and shopping malls. Between the two you will find Central London, which contains the primary business district, as well as cultural attractions such as museums, universities, restaurants, and theatres.

What Tips Can an International Moving Company Provide to My Move to London?

Our exceptional international moving company to London can provide you with an array of tips for your move to London. For instance, before international moving to London, be sure that you get in touch with a local consultant because of the many strict requirements for obtaining a visa, and bringing goods into the country. The process of obtaining a visa is known to be very lengthy, so you should start the process well before you plan on international moving to London. I Love Moving suggests at least 90 days before your departure. I Love Moving will be able to assist you with all necessary paperwork and point you in the right direction . Don’t worry about learning a new language, English is the primary language and is widely spoken throughout the country.

What are the Benefits of Working with I Love Moving?

There are a number of benefits when working with our international moving company to London including free storage and boxes. We make custom crates for unmanageable materials and have oversized freight services for snowmobiles and motorcycles. Along with this we offer cheap air and sea freight services and professional packing. Our door-to-door services allow our movers to pack your belongings, drop them off at the plane or ship, and then bring them to your new location. At I love Moving, we aim to make this a pleasurable and stress-free move. Contact I Love Moving today for a free in-home estimate.

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